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We built a platform for Sidras Pizza Coin

Decentralised token, will be used as a token of exchange in the food industry, Food industry is where the gold of cryptocurrency BITCOIN started, SPC is going to take the food industry into blockchain to a whole new level.

Sidra's has been serving The Best Food to our customers. A perfect match to any of our pizzas is the Garlic Dip which we also make in-house and is absolutely delicious in its own right. Whenever you are looking to have a Fresh & Hot pizza for dine- in, take out or delivery, remember Sidra's Pizza. Try the Best.…. Forget the Rest!!!

The first ever ultimate food crypto project, food industry is the most important industry in the sector of hospitality, and still with the world moving on towards blockchain, food industry lies behind, with the SPC blockchain project, food industry will get into a new phase of the modern world where consumers can track exactly what they eat, moreover with SPC token, specified as the food currency of crypto world, people can track budget their spending’s to eat right and earn rewards when they eat, every time someone eats using SPC, consumer is contributing into the growth of blockchain food sector, and increasing overall market cap, of the community. Every time someone feeds themselves, SPC market will grow, and so will the community.


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For business

Sidras pizza coin will be used as a currency at all locations of Sidras Pizza, all transactions will be rewarded by cashback and rewards, in future Sauces of Sidras Pizza that will be sold at big supermarkets and grocery stores, all transactions will be honored by using SPC token in all superstores USA and Canada wide.

All future franchises, products, and manufacturing units with deal with SPC In future, SPC will also be traded on world’s biggest exchanges, where people can BUY, HODL, SELL and STAKE tokens.

Binance Smart Chain

Sidras Pizza Coin is created on BSC. Binance Smart Chain (BS) was developed as a means of utilizing solidity-based smart contracts, with much greater SPEED and EFFICIENCY than other competing chains. With decentralized exchanges on BSC offering lightning-fast swaps and extremely low fees, BC has quickly become one of the most widely used blockchains for Decentralized Finance (Defi) BSC uses a token protocol called BEP-20.


  • Sovereign Blockchain. Provides safety and security to all users and developers
  • Native dual chain interoperability allows cross-chain communication, and scaling of high-performance dApps
  • EVM-compatible. Supports all existing Ethereum tools, along with faster and cheaper transactions.
  • On-chain governance with Proof of Staked Authority consensus, built on 21 validators. This provides decentralization and enables significant community involvement.

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How it works


BECAUSE EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE EATS!!!!!! People deserve to know what they are eating is SAFE !

SIDRAS PIZZA is looking forward to developing a blockchain technology to track food and ingredients in it from the factory to the consumer, when it’s been produced to when its being eaten, to let consumers see what is being served to them.

The technology will be used to tell stakeholders that a particular head of lettuce came from a particular harvest on a particular farm, so if a consumer gets sick, government investigators will have a head start on the investigation. Rather than chasing a paper trail for days, they can get to the source of a tainted head of lettuce within seconds, and that should mean less wasted produce, fewer sick people, and more confidence in the food system.

Consumers could be able to trace the source of their lettuce in seconds. Shippers could see if a truck is full before they schedule a delivery. This technology will bring food industry and people’s faith in it to a whole new level.



This token set contains 9x 40mm tokens for objectives (numbered 1-9) and 8x 25mm tokens for use as beacons or smaller objectives.
This token set contains 9x 40mm tokens for objectives (numbered 1-9) and 8x 25mm tokens for use as beacons or smaller objectives.
Pre-selling is a practice performed by some crypto projects ahead of an initial coin offering, in which tokens are sold to interested parties at a certain price. This could be considered beneficial for both investors and the development team, if all was to go well and the digital currency was to be a success.
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